Courses and private ski lessons

Ski Courses held by Scuola Sci Civetta are the ideal to learn and improve your skills in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. The courses adapt to the demands of both beginners and experts and are a great way to achieve big improvements. Please note that we offer special English, German, Spanish, Slovenian speaking group ski lessons.

Civetta Ski School, thanks to a large and qualified staff, boasts a wide and diversified group ski lessons offer for the 2010/2011 season:

  • Two types of group ski classes for adults and children:
    Group ski course average 10 students (max. 12)
    Mini Group ski course average 5 students (max. 8)Advised!
    Mini Group – Learning to ski just as in the private lessons but… in good company!!!

    The Mini Group is formed by 5 people average, while the maximum allowed number of pupils is 8.

    With one more pupils, the group will be immediately split in two courses.
    We offer a 30% discount to each parent for the adults course (except Christmas Holidays period).
    The group organization takes place on the Monday at 10:15 at “Pian del Crep” (at the arrival of the cableway).
    Children who wish to attend the course together with friends or relatives will be contented, if possible from a didactics point of view.
    There will be a course-end competition for all the kids with free medals and gadgets for all the partecipants.

  • “Little Bears” ski course for children from 3 to 4 years oldAdvised!
  • Competition and ski race Super Course
  • Snowboard courses
  • Ski Total