Courses and private ski lessons

Ski Courses held by Scuola Sci Civetta are the ideal to learn and improve your skills in a fun and dynamic atmosphere. The courses adapt to the demands of both beginners and experts and are a great way to achieve big improvements. Please note that we offer special English, German, Spanish, Slovenian speaking group ski lessons.

Civetta Ski School, thanks to a large and qualified staff, boasts a wide and diversified group ski lessons offer two types of group ski classes for adults and children:




  • Big Group ski course
average 10 students (max. 12)
  • Mini Group ski course
average 5 students (max. 8)Advised!
Mini Group – Learning to ski just as in the private lessons but… in good company!!!

The Mini Group is formed by 5 people average, while the maximum allowed number of pupils is 8.

With one more pupils, the group will be immediately split in two courses.
The group organization takes place on the Monday at 10:30 at “Pian del Crep” (at the arrival of the cableway).
Children who wish to attend the course together with friends or relatives will be contented, if possible from a didactics point of view.
There will be a course-end competition for all the kids with free medals and gadgets for all the partecipants.