Private lessons for Kids 5 - 12 years

One-to-one lessons will provide your kid with an intensive teaching session, in which the instructor will fully focus on her/him in order to get the most out of the time available.

Our philosophy is that teaching has always to be accompanied by fun and play, especially for the youngest, this is certainly facilitated by our sunny ski school camp, which is set up by our Ski School with lots of toys and interactive puppets.

It is just as important to us that your kids not only become good skiers, but above all become passionate about our beautiful sport and move around the slopes safely.

A special bond often arises between children and ski instructors, which is why we always try to ensure continuity with the same instructor; we value the human side as much as the technical one.

Please contact us, specify the age of your child, and we will be happy to choose for you one of our specialised instructors who best suits to your child’s character and needs. Private lessons are also available at night. We recommend it, it is a unique experience.

Private lessons are available for each of the following disciplines:

  • Alpine skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Cross-country skiing (at our facilities in Palafavera)
  • Freestyle
  • Telemark
  • Off-piste skiing (with Alpine Guide)