Nordic Walking

The Civetta Ski School makes available to anyone who wants to learn this discipline a specialized teacher. Completely immersed in the Val di Zoldo, the courses take place on the beautiful slopes of the Civetta (starting from the village of Pecol, Pian dele Fraghe, Pian del Crep school camp, Casot).

Nordic Walking is the new sport “Really for All”:

– easy

– nontraumatic

– that you can carry anywhere

With its harmonious and natural movement draws upon much of the body: from the top (arms, shoulders and trunk) to the lower part of the body (pelvis, legs and feet).

Acquiring a good technique you can not hear, and to develop the most of all the health benefits related to his practice, ensuring optimal efficacy of the discipline.

The benefits that you have with Nordic Walking are guaranteed by the easy tools that characterize the discipline: the “bastocini”.

Elements, thanks to which you can fully appreciate how valuable and useful to the simple “walk” with greater awareness, also using the upper limbs.

By awakening and developing our “body” system, consisting of: s. musculo-skeletal, s. cardiovascular, s. respiratory and s. neurovegetative, it understands how valid and appreciated on several fronts its practice.

The basic technique of Nordic Walking reference inspired by similar movements of skiing for the classic technique:

– coordination: obtaining a “diagonal movement”, by combining the movements of the arms and legs, among them with alternating and opposing movements.

– strength: using the so “active sticks”, creating a pressure and thrust with his arms backwards. And with the activation of the foot and leg muscles, making an optimum rolling, during the walk.

– Mobility: the use of poles, during the movement N.W. and in the various preparatory and game exercises, it allows to recover and develop better mobility of the joints of the body, taking advantage of the opportunity to “download” on the ground your weight rests on four instead of the usual two, dates from the legs.

– Resistance: carrying out the activity of N.W. It is unable to obtain an effective resistance training, involving almost 85% of the body’s muscles.

For these reasons and many more, Nordic walking comes in fact among “sports Complete”.

Appreciated for its practicality, simplicity and to be suitable for everyone (from toddlers to the elderly): For several years abroad and in recent years also in Italy (from 2000) the N.W. It is “by identifying”, codifying the best and most effective technique that can be “re-discover” how much “good face” “walking with the aid of bastonicini”.

The fact also that it is an “optimal low impact exercise and without much difficulty” can be useful even for “informing and forming a healthy physical culture”: “mens sana in corpore sano”.

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