Civetta Italian Ski School

Since the beginning, Civetta Italian Ski School has had the goal to help you discovering and enjoying mountain and skiing. Civetta Ski School has built its reputation on its own professionalism and ability to adapt to changes. Civetta Ski School knows that now has to confront itself with a general context of an ever-changing economy which requires nonstop adjustments.

Civetta Italian Ski School, in response to the economic crisis, is eager to show its flexibility without forgetting its roots. We are committed to providing you all the services you need without lowering their quality. Our aim is to guarantee, through clear and precise goals, the best service possible.


Our goals:

  • Steady prices:

    Price freeze on all our services and ski courses to reward and satisfy our loyal customers.

  • Low students / ski instructors ratio:

    In order to balance customers’ demands with our supply of instructors and to ensure the best possible service, we have set quotas to our classes (max. 6 students for the “minigruppo” courses and 9 to 12 for group lessons). In this way we can ensure high quality and safe teaching in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Maintaining our values:

    Friendly service, respect for the client, clear information and commitment to the quality of teaching are some of the principles that we adhere to. It’s a serious commitment that you can see in our brochures, website and every material we publish. You are privileged clients and watching your improvements is our reward.